Mission Statement

Every year, hundreds if not thousands of people are killed or injured by extreme weather events such as Tornados and Hurricanes. I believe that many of these tragedies could have been prevented simply by more effectively raising awareness and education of the very real threat posed by meteorological disasters. In the modern world, many people are more likely to run out the front door with a camera than seek shelter. They do not understand or respect the awesome power of these storms.

I offer a small, but important piece of the puzzle for media producers, news organizations, educators, public defenders and community leaders in their efforts to raise awareness and education of deadly natural disasters. In regards to media productions such as documentaries or Public Service Announcements, I believe that doppler radar imagery has a unique ability to help capture the attention of people who might otherwise be uninterested. In regards to community members who are attempting to raise awareness and education about these storms, I believe that our products will greatly assist in your efforts to educate by saving time and capturing attention.

I offer many products for free, but for most there is a small fee. While the end-result may appear simple, these products have taken years of trial and error to perfect. From locating and ordering the correct raw archived data from the National Weather Service, to collecting, processing, compiling and rendering the imagery, to fine tuning a huge number of technical details and packaging / presenting them for sale – the process takes alot of time and resources. For example, creating an animation like Hurricane Katrina took roughly 12 hours of work from start to finish using about $1,000 in specialized software. This website also takes a great deal of time and money to maintain and run. Throughout all this however, I have always said that if a piece of media I produced leads to someone surviving the storm, I will consider it all a resounding success.

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Warm Ragards,

~ Everett Smith – Owner of TwistedRadars.com