Privacy Commitment



At, one of our top priorities is the safety and security of our loyal customer’s sensitive information. As a result, we are proud to inform you of the various layers of security measures we have taken to achieve this goal.

By using our Website or Services, you are accepting the practices described in this Policy. If you do not agree with this Policy, delete all cookies from your browser cache after visiting our Website and do not visit or use our Website or Services. Your continued use of our Website or Services signifies your acceptance of this Policy


  • Website Encryption and Security


 has proudly implemented Site-Wide TLS/SSL Encryption, and general website security by SiteLock and Ithemes Security. We have also implemented several other High-Level Security measures that, for the integrity of these measures, will not be disclosed publicly. Together, these measures ensure that all data sent or received throughout any interaction with our website and every transaction process is secured using the latest encryption and security technology. It also ensures the security and privacy of what little customer information we retain.


  • Payment Processing 

We are proud to use an Award Winning third-party payment processor called “Stripe”. We chose Stripe as our preferred payment processor for two primary reasons. First and foremost, using Stripe is incredibly secure by nature because it handles payment processing totally independent of our website and database.  Secondly, it makes it impossible for our database to store customer’s sensitive information. See Stripe’s Privacy statement here.


What we Collect and Store

At, we strive to collect and store as little personal information as possible, however, there are some pieces of information automatically stored by our database to allow for internal sales analysis and marketing optimization. This includes the Customer’s name and Email, as well as the number of purchases made and amount spent by each customer. Every other piece of information submitted is not handled by our database thanks to Stripe’s wonderful payment processing service.

Our pledge to you is simple. We will never share any information from any of our customers for any reason to anyone. We are in the business of creating and selling high-quality Doppler Radar Animations, not collecting, selling or distributing people’s information. We do not currently have a newsletter and you will never see an Email from us except after you make a purchase or when it involves a customer service interaction.


We appreciate your interest in our products and value you as a customer! If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to CONTACT US at any time.



Thank you